Chiyoda New Products

Touch Connector Fuji Series

New Series Tube and Fitting for Welding.


Touch Connector Fuji H Type:
Make it possible to protect exposed part of double-layered anti-spatter tubing from welding spatter with its metal cap!

Anti-Spatter Tube "S" Type
Easy piping!
Thinner and more flexible anti-spatter tube.



Touch Connector "Fuji-H" Type:
Touch Connector "Fuji-H" Type is a low cost product and has good performance for welding environment.
1. Equipped with metal cap as standard.
Release Ring and exposed tube can be protected from welding spatter.
2. A wide variety of model according to use.
Many choices according to actual use with metal body.
3. Lasermarked model number on the body of each fitting.
Easy to distinguish between similar products.

New Anti Spatter Tube.
L-Flex "LE-S" Type

More Flexible and Thinner Tube for Welding
LE-S is double-layered antispatter tubing which is covered with fireproof polylefine.
In an environment where there is welding spatter, it protects the inner tubing from being damaged by welding spatter.
LE-S is more flexible, lighter and easier to connect with fittings than previous tubing.





"FUJI-H" Type Speed Controller.
Touch Connector - Fuji-H Type Speed Controller

- All Metal Body -



Touch Connector - Fuji-H Speed Controller.

  • Good performance in welding environment with its durability!
  • No malfunctions due to contact with welding spatter!
  • Fitting body can be freely rotated according to piping direction.
  • Ability to control air speed smoothly by its nice control performance.
  • Leasermarked model number on surface helps distinguish among similar products.